Axiron® FDA Warnings

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As is the case with most testosterone treatments, Axiron® has been shown to cause serious side effects that can greatly harm individual consumers and people who come into contact with the product. While the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved this topical prescription for treatment of low testosterone, if you are experiencing any side effects, it is important that you immediately contact Morelli Law Firm.

In some situations, individuals may not have known about the risks involved with using this drug, and you may be eligible to file a lawsuit against your drug prescriber or the manufacturer of the product. Each case is unique, so to determine your eligibility to file a lawsuit, schedule a consultation with a trusted nationwide low-testosterone drug injury lawyer from our firm now.

The FDA has warned that consumers and those who come into contact with this drug through secondary exposure can experience the following:

  • Increased risk for prostate cancer in men
  • Negative side effects including premature puberty in children
  • Sudden mood swings and aggression in men, women, and children

You should tell your doctor if you have a history of male breast cancer, prostate cancer, high cholesterol, heart problems, diabetes, or any other serious or chronic medical conditions. Woman and children are advised to not to take Axiron and to avoid coming into contact with this product.

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In the event that you or a loved one is experiencing serious side effects and complications related to a low-testosterone hormonal treatment, such as Axiron, it is important that you contact your medical provider and an attorney from our firm right away. When you choose to work with Morelli Law Firm, we can thoroughly review your case and determine your eligibility to file a civil suit, tort claim, or personal injury claim against the manufacturer or medical professional who prescribed the drug.

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