New Feature Story on Low-T in Time Magazine

In big red letters across the front cover of this month's issue of Time Magazine are the words Manopause? Aging, Insecurity and the $2 Billion Testosterone Industry. The feature article investigates the "Low T" industry craze currently sweeping through middle-aged men throughout the nation: almost 3 percent of American men aged over 40 have been prescribed testosterone to treat decreased T levels – a normal sign of aging that is linked to weight gain, lack of energy and loss of libido.

The problem with T-therapy is that until recently, it had only been used to treat hypogonadism, a disorder where a man's body is incapable of producing testosterone. T-therapy had never before been used on men who simply have dropping T levels as a result of the aging process. This latter use has not been approved by the FDA because there simply is not enough research or information available to determine the long-term effects; but after several studies earlier this year indicated increased risk of heart attacks and strokes while undergoing T-therapy, the FDA announced a review of T-safety and subsequently called on T manufacturers to warn patients about possible risks of blood clots. Many other reputable studies suggest the additional risks of sleep apnea, increased and/or irregular heartbeat and cancer, which has led to the FDA also announcing a T summit next month to address the safety issues before it's too late. The T industry's marketing spending has grown 2,800% since 2009, with a projected market of $3.8 billion in just 4 years' time.

As a result of such widespread use without sufficient research on the adverse health effects of T-therapy, Morelli Law Firm is leading the charge in litigating against testosterone replacement therapy manufacturers by representing men who have fallen victim to heart attacks, strokes, pulmonary embolisms and other health issues while undergoing T-therapy. Our testosterone injury lawyers have more than 100 years of combined experience handling personal injury lawsuits, mass tort claims, and defective product cases.

If you have had T-therapy and have suffered any health condition such as those mentioned in this article, please visit our website and contact Morelli Law Firm immediately.

You can read the full Time article here.

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