FDA Advised to Restrict Testosterone Prescriptions

An expert panel made up of two advisory committees has voted overwhelmingly for the FDA to impose strict new limitations on the multi-billion dollar testosterone drug industry. It was recommended that the labels for such medications be updated to prevent them from being prescribed to men who only have low testosterone due to aging, as opposed to hypogonadism, a disorder where a man's body is incapable of producing testosterone and for which the use of low-t drugs is approved by the FDA.

The recommendation follows the first day of a two-day meeting (the second of which continues today), the need for which was prompted by studies finding that testosterone replacement drugs cause a myriad of health problems, and fueled by ongoing litigation brought against testosterone drug manufacturers for that reason. Morelli Law Firm is at the forefront of the litigation, having filed the first cases in the country alleging health problems including blood clots, heart attacks and strokes.

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