Testosterone Supplements Require Further Testing, FDA Declares

Testosterone supplements have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat only certain, and relatively rare, medical conditions that slow or halt natural production of the hormone in males. Drug manufacturers are free to market a drug and physicians are free to prescribe it however they see fit once the FDA approves of it for at least one use, and that is exactly what has happened for most testosterone supplements. Pharmaceutical giants and health magazines alike have hocked testosterone supplements to men nearing their gray years as a cure for signs of aging, and they have done so with no regard to the potential health risks.

According to information gathered by the FDA, there was a near-100% spike between the years of 2009 and 2013 in the number of men getting testosterone booster shots. When the diagnoses were analyzed to determine why so many men were either prescribed this treatment or had requested it themselves, the majority cited an unclear, partly-ambiguous symptom noted as “testicular hypofunction.” Some health officials believe this to be one of many scapegoat conditions created by big pharma to treat a just-as-vague disability they call “Low T” for “abnormally” low levels of testosterone.

Is Low T Real? If So, Does It Require Treatment?

As a man ages, he will naturally begin to produce less and less testosterone. In fact, the aging process in both males and females includes a generally lessened production amount of all hormones, testosterone, estrogen, or otherwise. The conceptual illness of Low T notes this steady decline and declares it is responsible for the other adverse effects of a natural aging process, such as increased lethargy, weakened libidos, and body fait gains. Low T appears to rely on the idea that correlation is causation, has not taken the necessary steps to prove this theory, but still prescribes testosterone boosters to cure it.

The FDA has taken action to protect men from potentially dangerous testosterone drugs and supplements by calling for additional and precise clinical trials. Currently, there is evidence that testosterone supplements cause strokes and heart attacks, as well as blood clots.

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