FDA Warnings for Testim®

Have You Been Injured Due to Low-Testosterone Treatments?

If you are one of the many men who have been prescribed Testim® topical low-testosterone treatments to help deal with low hormone levels, you may have questions and concerns regarding the medicine that you are taking. Numerous cases have been documented concerning complications in men, women, and children resulting from using or coming into contact with Testim. At Morelli Law Firm, we know that any negative side effects can be difficult to bear and we encourage people who have been injured to contact our firm right away. Depending on the specifics of your case, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer or prescriber of the drug and receive compensation for the injuries that you are experiencing.

The United States Food and Drug Administration has cleared this product for consumer use; however, it also has issued warnings about various complications that can stem from the use of Testim for hormone treatment, including:

  • 2009 — Through a boxed warning, all secondary exposure risks were to be made clear on all packaging of Testim. Additionally, precautions for use, information for patients, and any adverse reactions must be made clear to any consumers of this product.
  • 2011 — A medication guide was required to be included with all prescriptions of Testim. Signs and symptoms of any early puberty, aggressive behavior in children, increased sexual drive, and any other symptoms related to testosterone exposure were to be made clear in the guide.

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